Your Comfort Zone Isn’t Always Killing You

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If you’re on a path of developing yourself personally or spiritually, I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “your comfort zone is killing you.”⁣⁣
Comfort zones are often seen as the antithesis to growth.⁣⁣
But what if some of your comforts actually were helping you on your journey, beyond the idea that it is something to learn from and let go of? ⁣

What if your comforts are actually stabilizing your human experience?⁣⁣
There are rapid energetic shifts taking place currently.

So much change, transformation, transitions and uncertainty is coming up.⁣
Our very make up is changing drastically. And we are evolving quickly, integrating higher frequencies of energies in our bodies & systems rapidly. ⁣
Those energies can be destabilizing. The path of ascension can be turbulent, sometimes leaving you feeling out of sorts.⁣⁣
When I’ve entered zero point states for example, I have seen the way my system responds.

I know how disorienting it can be.⁣⁣
This is where my own personal comforts from certain types of foods to certain activities and experiences that I’ve enjoyed before (but I’ve often wanted to release or let go of permanently because I’ve believed it isn’t supportive in reaching higher states of consciousness) have actually really helped me!⁣⁣
Once I released the judgment toward those things, I recognized that those comforts really grounded me and soothed my system.⁣⁣
The reorientation that those comforts provided me actually encouraged me to keep moving forward on my path and allowed me to enjoy my human experience again.⁣⁣
Now I don’t condone habits or comforts that literally put you or others in harm’s way.

There are certain things that you might have been comforted by in the past that must remain there.⁣⁣
What I’ve taken away from these experiences is that having a rigid outlook on certain comforts that you believe an “advanced” human being shouldn’t do, enjoy, experience or crave is limiting in and of itself.⁣

Sometimes your body & system needs it.

The next time you’re in a spiritual or healing crisis that feels disorienting & you notice you’re wanting a certain comfort that you used to enjoy, check in.

Maybe you need it!



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