Your Challenges Are Re-Aligning You


There was a period of time on my path where I believed that my challenges in my leadership and success were actually a BAD thing and a form of punishment from Spirit. ⁣

“I must have some sort of karma coming back to me!”⁣

Or the other usual thought of,⁣

“Why is this happening to me? What did I do to deserve this?!”⁣

I knew on a spiritual level that the challenges I was experiencing were lessons that I needed to learn, but I still couldn’t embody or fully understand JUST how vital those experiences were to my evolution and future happiness. ⁣

It can be easy to believe when you hit a plateau or rough patch on the road to fulfilling your Divine Plan that there is something wrong with you. And you aren’t doing enough. ⁣

As a leader I have often been hyper vigilant on how I’ve shown up to my life and my mission. And I’d be EXTRA hard on myself when things weren’t going smoothly or I wasn’t getting the exact results I wanted.⁣

But I’ve had a new level awareness drop in after another cycle of immense transformation.⁣

Sometimes when you aren’t getting those results and your spinning your wheels in frustration because things aren’t succeeding the way they maybe did in the past, truly is for your highest.⁣

The energies are RE-ALIGNING you now and your mission. The re-routing is a good thing. ⁣

A new template and paradigm of business, leadership and success is dropping into form now and if you’ve noticed this year in particular being difficult to see things take off the way you hoped this MAY be the reason.⁣

You’re NOT failing. ⁣
You’re NOT regressing.⁣

You are being PREPARED for something bigger and better, more aligned than before.⁣

Be patient with your process. And trust that the challenges you’re experiencing in your leadership are taking you to a whole new level.⁣


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