You Don’t Need To Have Your Shit Together All The Time

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For all my fellow “inspirational” and Soulful Light Leaders, it’s OK to not have your shit together all the time.

To be inspiring.
In service to others.
To want to make a difference,

There’s such an immense amount of pressure placed upon ourselves as light leaders to shift consciousness, to make a positive dent in the world and fulfill our sacred missions.

I feel the urgency just like you do.

And it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing enough when you’re not in service.

You came into this world programmed differently.

You’re a starseed with loving intentions and a unique blueprint.

I get it.
I see you.

But you are ALSO human.
And it’s easy to forget this when everything and everyone else is prioritized.


When you have an off day, week, month or year (dare I say year!)

Honor it.
You came to have your own experience here.
You’re not immune to it.
You cannot bypass it.

That means you’ve got to fully appreciate your human moments.

And be with all parts of it…

The highs.
The lows.
The gut wrenching, heartbreaking, fetal position crying, shake your fists and stomp your feet “life is unfair” parts, too.

You can’t cover it up with a fake smile.
Or positivity.
You can’t just push yourself along sometimes.

I have felt this way so often many times over.

Today is actually one of those days where I’m feeling this way.

You are definitely not alone.

In these times, it’s best to be present to yourself and your inner needs.

And remind yourself that…

You don’t need to carry the weight of the world upon your shoulders or in your heart.

It’s not your responsibility to do so.

Yes, there is much to do on the planet.
But your BEING needs YOU first.
You need to be there for YOU first.

Your human self comes before anything or anyone else.

So if you need to take a rest today, do it.

If you need to curl in a ball and cry, do it.

If you want to clear your schedule to be human today, do it.

If all you want to do right now is self-care yourself, honor that.

You don’t need to show up all the time.

Just show up for your needs in this moment.



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