Yes, This Is Really Happening (And How To Process It All)

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A few thoughts that have been brewing for me re: Coronavirus….

I’ve been watching and reading many posts, alternative news sources and yes, even the mainstream media.

My inner guidance is saying that this is not something to ignore or that it is just going to go away tomorrow.

While I’m not panicking and living in fear, I’m also not in denial about what’s happening or taking this situation lightly.

Whether it’s a “deep state agenda,” new-world-order plan, the media fear-mongering or something else entirely, lives are being affected, people are suffering and yes, many are ill and dying.

What’s really disturbed me the most though is hearing and seeing “spiritual” people bypassing, judging and shaming those who are in fear, who are preparing and are worried about their loved ones and themselves.

Many of whom have older or elderly family members and friends or those who live with compromised immune systems.

Or those who live in the countries that have been dramatically affected by what’s going on.

I have seen and heard people make light of this calling it a hoax, just another flu or cold and to relax, take Vitamin C and meditate.

There has been so much lack of compassion, empathy, kindness and respect going on toward people’s different experiences.

And that is what hurts me the most to witness.

Because here’s the thing…

Right now there is SO much unknown about this virus.

Remember we are just at the beginning of something that will likely disrupt our daily lives for not just days, but potentially weeks and months.

This very idea is inconvenient.

It feels uncomfortable.

There is so much uncertainty.

And as humans we know sitting in uncertainty and the unknown is not easy.

The truth is we just don’t know at this point.

I think many of us are clinging to and looking for answers and ways to find stability and security, including in our own spiritual beliefs.

And while this is not a right vs wrong thing, it can be easy to stick our heads up in the clouds and have thoughts like, “I won’t get impacted by this because I choose to vibrate higher.”

It’s easy to tell someone to not live in fear, take deep breath and simply raise their vibration.

My family in Italy was certainly caught off guard this week.

They were going about their daily lives when hours later they were told all of Italy would be quarantined for several weeks.

Now the entire country is in complete lockdown.

You think they thought this would be happening to them right now?

I have loved ones that have compromised immune systems. I’d be lying if I said I’m not concerned for them.

I’ve seen the posts and videos from Chinese citizens being pulled against their will out of their own homes by authorities and their doors being welded shut to keep them isolated and quarantined.

Can you imagine what they have gone through? The terror they’ve experienced?

How about being trapped on a cruise ship for weeks having no idea when you’ll get off?

The spiritual egoism and elitist attitudes aren’t helping matters.

People believing they’re untouchable, that they’re more evolved and that those who contracted the virus are of a lower consciousness or somehow “attracted it” is absolute BS.

Believe me, I’m well aware of all of the spiritual, political, economic, social, medical theories that are out there of how and why this is happening.

For decades, I have researched the many different influences behind the scenes of our daily lives.

But right now our energy and attention needs to be focused on working together.

Mitigating and stopping the spread of this virus.

Not judging people’s reactions.

Or feelings.

We talk about awakening and unity consciousness when it’s convenient.

Have you ever thought that this is a part of that shift?

That maybe through this chaos and uncertainty more people will awaken?

So go ahead and do your spiritual practices (I certainly still am).

Take your supplements.

Wash your hands.

Raise your vibration.

Eat your veggies and fruits.

Get your vitamin D.

Think positively.

And PLEASE be vigilant.

Inform yourself.

Get prepared because you really don’t know what will happen.


After all being prepared and staying at home is never a bad thing. It doesn’t make you any less conscious or ‘woke.’

And most importantly hold compassion for humanity and all of the various experiences people are having right now worldwide and in your own backyard.

These are my thoughts for now…

Be safe and take care of yourself.

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