Why It’s Imperative You Practice Gratitude


I’ve had a consistent gratitude practice for many years.

It’s the first thing I do before I get out of bed each day.

How I’ve grown my gratitude practice over the years is being thankful for my challenges and difficult times.

Especially while I’m in the midst of going through a phase or cycle that feels hard.

It’s easy to be appreciative of the high times in life.

When things are going smoothly.

It’s not so easy to drop into your heart and find gratitude for the low times though.

That was an immediate stretch for me when I started giving thanks for the challenges and difficulties I was facing.

Nothing in your life is put there by accident.

Your eternal self is constantly stretching your personality self to evolve, grow and expand.

Life happens for you, including those hard times we ALL face.

The question is can you be grateful for it?

Can you see that life isn’t out to get you when you go through those periods?

Maybe it’s the wake up call you need to get into more precise alignment with your Soul?

When you insert the genuine act of gratitude during those times, you experience a different energy in yourself that’s much more powerful than being a victim or pointing blame.

I’ve always found that when I’ve done that with a pure heart, the challenges start to shift as I become ready and willing to understand why they were put there in the first place and I work through it.

That is when gratitude isn’t just a surface level practice anymore, but instead one that dives deep into every nook and cranny of your life.


Work with me.

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