When you own and claim your TRUTH so deeply within, it doesn’t matter if anyone else agrees or disagrees with you.

The other night I was invited to a local Soul gathering here in San Diego and was asked to speak about myself and what I do with the group.

I shared from my heart and Soul and I spoke candidly about my path.

My journey is certainly not common.

And the work I do for some people is considered quite “out there.”

But I’ve learned to be at peace with that long ago.

After I spoke the other night, I received several reflections from the group which I found fascinating!

One gentleman reflected to me that while he didn’t really understand what I do, he believed that what I was saying was true on a deeper level.

One woman declared that while she’d never heard of anything like what I described, it resonated with her.

Another individual reflected that she loved how I owned my truth and didn’t project it onto anyone else trying to convince the group that my way was the only way.

I was so deeply grateful by the feedback I received, because years ago I imposed my truth on to anyone who would listen, especially my family.

“You’ve got to try this! You must get off those prescriptions and eat healthier! Come to yoga class! Expand your consciousness! Let me do my energy healing on you! Reprogram your thoughts!” Etc. etc.

I was so attached to the people in my life accepting my truth, that I didn’t respect their truth, or give them the space to even decide for themselves what to do.

I infringed my own desires and truth on to them.

And as you might guess, that rarely if ever works in our own favor.

But when you embody your truth in every cell and fiber of your being, you are not attached to whether anyone or anything is for or against your truth.

You make peace with what is and you allow others to be sovereign as you become yourself.

I’ve found that when this is the case, your energy relaxes and as a result so too, do the people around you.

People are then much more inclined to listen to you and potentially act.



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