Why Being A High-Performer Left Me Unfulfilled

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A large part of my identity has been a high-performer my entire life.

It’s something I’d always been proud of.

I know many fellow leaders and influencers identify with this one, too.

Our society puts high-performers on a pedestal, showcasing their brilliance and accomplishments for the entire world to balk at and desire to be like.

“I want to be just like him/her! How do they do it and have it all?”

It’s something we’re told to strive to be if we want to achieve success.

But I had an awakening around this identity within myself.

I discovered that a lot of it was a program built on a weak, limiting foundation that was rooted in overcompensation and fear.

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

I watched as my inner high-performer started to unravel within.

I started seeing it dissolve and become weaker and weaker in energy.

And I got a good look at everything that was holding it in place.

This identity was starting to cause me more damage than fulfillment.

I saw it show up everywhere in my life from my health to my business, leadership, my finances and relationships.

I couldn’t hold on to it anymore.
It was time for me to let go of it with love.

It served its purpose for a very long time and I’m grateful for what it taught me.

But a new way of BEING within myself, an emergence of my true, empowered self that didn’t need to attach to this identity or prove anything to myself or the world was ready to reveal.

I didn’t “need” this identity to be a success or to feel fulfilled.

Something new was beginning to unfold inside.

I’m not even sure how to articulate it yet. But I have felt reborn this year.
I have never been so PRESENT to my life.
To my daily experiences.
I’m not striving like I used to, exhausting and depleting myself.
I’ve become so at peace in my BEING.

Don’t get me wrong my mind has felt confused, even startled by this new way of being many times.

But my high-performer for the most part has taken a back seat and it’s been a really good experience for me.

I know that this identity is not able to take me where I’m going nor does it fully represent who I AM.

When I realized that so much of my high-performance was coming from fear and scarcity I leaned back.

I got curious.
And super honest with myself, it was humbling.

I knew inside my heart and Soul that I was complete in operating this way.

It wasn’t aligned with my Divine plan or in integrity with my divine self.

It was a wounded aspect of myself in need of love.

I’ve now gotten on a cellular level, on an energetic level and a spiritual level (and NOT just an intellectual level) that my value, worthiness and enoughness comes from my BEINGness.

I don’t need to be or do anything to embody that.

I have let go of…

“If I achieve this, then I will feel like [insert my desired outcome].”

I’ve been listening intently, deeply to the shifts taking place within and around me.

I am now choosing to ONLY work and create from a space that truly feels juicy, fun and alive for me.

I’m no longer available to do things that I must convince myself to enjoy.

I will only work with people who inspire me as much as I inspire them.

I won’t create or do something any longer simply because I should do it because it makes sense or has worked for others, to stay relevant or because I should be of service.

And I know that operating from this way of being IS the key to sustainable success that is Soul Aligned.

I AM EXPANDING like never before, in ways I’ve never imagined, it’s terrifying and liberating.

And knowing that my beingness is the greatest service to humanity relaxes me.

I’m committed to being one of the individuals on this planet that embodies a new way of living, being and operating from.

That is fulfilled not just when life is going “my way” and I’ve achieved all my dreams.

But in the in between cycles.
The gaps and transitions of my life, ESPECIALLY.

Because those are my greatest teachable moments even though they’re uncomfortable AF.

When identities shatter.
And everything you’ve known or believed in starts falling away.

THAT is the gift.

It’s not that difficult to succeed materially. There are all kinds of people, strategies, skill sets and action taking to help you achieve that.

I believe it’s a lot more challenging to face the identities you’ve outgrown. Even those that may appear helpful or positive.

We are now in uncharted territory that is requiring a level of presence and letting go of outdated identities so the REAL, most authentic YOU can flourish.

Dare to go there.
It will be worth it.



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