When You Wish Your Life Would Hurry Up…


Your life and leadership are an ongoing divine unfoldment.

Over the course of my life I noticed how I often desired for my story to HURRY up and for me to “be there,” already.

And instead of identifying the perfection and a higher understanding of why and how things are unfolding the way that they are, I would instead whine and complain about it.

I’m constantly reminded and shown in my channeling and coaching work just how important it is to be PRESENT to what is.

This theme of presence has been channeled through me for several months and it runs deeper than what most people think about this concept.

It’s completely reoriented my entire understanding of what presence really means.

The moment the awareness slips into “being there” the “there” that does not exist, is the moment that the fullest understanding of what has you where you are currently gets lost.

When it’s lost, the mind spins into comparison, judgment, confusion and it blocks out your higher guidance which is available to help you find your way back to the present and in turn unpack the lessons and gifts that are only available in the present.

The cliche spiritual teaching of being present has a profound impact on our beings when it’s understood from a deeper, more updated perspective.

Which leads me back to my original point, where you are in your story, in this moment is merely a blip in your LIFELONG legacy as a leader.

The more present you can become consistently, the more you’ll be able to LISTEN to the strength of your Spirit within you for your next steps,
the lessons,
the growth,

And then your story will soon shift.

The page will turn once again.

The more you can sink into what this moment in your story is providing and offering you, the more you’ll extract from it.

As a lifelong intuitive, coach and channeler, I would never have known that over a year and a half ago I would have been sitting in front of audiences and clients, not knowing what I would be saying, allowing my gifts and divine guidance to trance channel streams of higher consciousness and healing from my loving galactic counterparts, the Pleiadians.

I wouldn’t have known that my journey back into Hollywood would have happened this year. That I would be bringing light into an industry that has been buried in darkness.

If you truly get out of the way and allow Spirit to lead your story, your life will surprise you in amazing ways.

Surrender into the mystery of your life.


Work with me.

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