The Universe Does Not “Test” You



It’s not out to get you.
Or punish you.

I want to invite you right now to let go of this belief.

This very belief is actually creating more suffering for you.

So many believe that their challenges and difficulties in life are “tests” from God, Source, the Universe, [*insert whatever other description that resonates with you here*].

Life in no way is “testing” you.

Yes, you’re a student of life, here on earth learning.

But by no means are your experiences happening for you to have you prove your worth or intelligence to a benevolent Universe that loves you and is supporting you on your journey.

Life is working with you and for you, ALL. THE. TIME. On YOUR behalf.

Your difficulties and challenges are there for your own expansion, growth and evolution.

It is not set up to test you.

A test implies that in some way you might be tricked or possibly deceived.

Or that Life is setting you up for some sort of success or failure measurement.

Please let this go.
Because it isn’t true.

Your hard times.

It’s ALL helping you in some way to heal and expand your consciousness.

Maybe it’s potentially a blessing in disguise.

All I know is that you have the opportunity to learn something about yourself and others that was not previously possible if it was happening in another way, shape or form.

Sometimes these challenges require you to dig really deep and go into painful memories and experiences, to travel into the unknown parts of yourself that have been disowned and abandoned or bypassed.

And that is the gift for each of us.

What I’ve found to consistently work during these phases is deepening my self and spiritual awareness. While remaining open to understanding things from a different perspective.

Asking powerful questions that will enable you to draw your attention inward and toward Spirit is beneficial in dealing with your hard times.

Asking yourself these powerful questions can assist you in this process:

HOW is life helping me right now in this experience? 
What am I here to learn through this difficulty or challenge?
What is it teaching me about myself? 
About others? 
What am I noticing in my body as this comes up?
What belief systems is this bringing to the surface to resolve and shift?
Where do I need to take greater responsibility for myself, my choices and perceptions?
What am I being asked to fully feel and heal here?

Rather than feeling like a victim you get to empower yourself and reconnect to a deeper understanding of why your Soul is here, experiencing what it is at this time.

Instead of believing that life is out to get you.

The Universe loves you and has your back, always. NO MATTER WHAT!


Work with me.

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