Reset program

Four Weeks to Upgrade & Align You

To Your Next Level.

An initial 90-minute deep dive, 1:1 intuitive coaching and mentoring session that focuses on your intentions and introduces you to my Embodied Alignment System™️ so that you can become clearer, more aligned and aware of what needs to SHIFT and be let go of so you can get your results moving forward.

90-minute trance-channeling session with The Pleiadian Guides, the higher dimensional, loving advisors that work through me to pristinely activate you into your highest and most joyful expression NOW. You’ll receive clear, direct guidance, next steps, Q&A, a light language and special operatic vocal toning/tuning transmission that will take you to the NEXT level of who you are immediately and in the months to follow.

A 90-minute deep energetic clearing session to support you in clearing out what’s in the way of the NEXT LEVEL for you, the densities you’ve been carrying this year so that your entire being is lighter, freer, more aligned and expands your CAPACITY to hold more, be more and do more in your work and in the world.

Lastly we’ll wrap up with a 90-minute planning and progress session to look closely at your results so far, where things need to be tweaked, what you need to place your focus on next and we’ll map out your first quarter of 2021.

This work goes DEEP.

This work is results based.

Not pie in the sky “woo-woo fluff.”


…calling forward those who are OK with the status quo, who value comfort or staying put where they are.


…calling those forward who aren’t growth-oriented and don’t value investing in themselves, their purpose or their life at a higher-level.


…calling in those who are eager, ready, excited and 100% committed to no longer ignore their internal ache to do more, be more and have more.


…calling in those who are serious, ready and willing to powerfully grow and evolve into what their Soul is asking of them to do and BE next.

If this is YOU…

Do you feel as though your life is on autopilot?

As if you’re waking up to the same day everyday?
Doing the same exact things that don’t truly fulfill your mind, body and Soul?
Because deep down you know you’re here for MORE.

You know you’re here to DO more.


BE more.


HAVE more.


EXPRESS even MORE of yourself, your purpose, your gifts, your talents and skills.

Maybe you’ve reached a pinnacle point in your career or life.

The goals and dreams you set out for yourself months or years ago are now actualized.

You have been living that life out.


You’re grateful for it.


You know you’re fortunate to have the life you have.


For all the things you have achieved and accomplished.

Yet deep inside of you,

there’s still an internal ache that yearns for something more.

This is the exact place and time where my clients find me.

I mentor and guide them in upgrading their ENTIRE being, purpose, unique gifts and their life to the NEXT LEVEL.

The “next level” is specific to what your Soul defines that as.

It’s based on the level that you’re at vibrationally, the life cycle/season you’re in and the foundation you’ve built your life upon to this point.

Regardless, EVERY client that works with me is met exactly where they’re at.

As a result of over 12 years of sharing my intuitive coaching work, energy healing and trance-channeling sessions with thousands of clients worldwide, I’ve now developed a proprietary and results driven transformational system that I take my clients through.

Every client that works with me in my longer length programs gets to experience this system.

I’ve recently been given the green light to offer this work in a more condensed, accelerated and intensive format for high-performing leaders, creatives and visionaries who are ready to catapult in FOUR WEEKS to the next level.

My 28-Day, Embodied Alignment System™️ Reset Program, combines all of the modalities I use with my clients that work with me for six plus months and longer.