To become the next generation leader requires you to harness a deeper level of trust, strengthen your intuition and expand your emotional intelligence.

The full integration and alignment to your Soul, mind, emotions, body and energy field will help you to execute and impact the world more efficiently and effectively.

Let me help you!

Sovereign Success Immersion

Vanessa’s six-month immersion is the highest level of support that she provides clients.

They are customized and designed for successful cutting-edge leaders to fully embody and express their leadership and influence with greater ease, authenticity and impact.

These immersions tell the truth about where you and where you want to go. They help to empower you with practical tools, deep healing and spiritual guidance so you can achieve greater alignment to your overall vision and mission as a leader.

This is specifically designed and customized for leaders and visionaries that are already actively on a path of personal and spiritual development.



If you know you’re here to live and lead a purpose-filled life and are ready to take that to the next level.



If you are ready for more access and connection to your intuitive abilities so you can take action on the guidance you receive, become more resourceful and resilient on your path.



If you are developing cutting edge innovations or projects, growing your team or are in the midst of creating your life’s greatest work and require leading edge support and guidance to successfully bring your vision to life.



If you are a leader, executive, business owner, influencer or a rising star that desires to make an even bigger, more positive impact in the world with your presence and your unique gifts.



If you are open-minded, coachable and are NOT seeking conventional, cookie cutter tools, advice and information to get you to the next level.



If you've been consistently implementing techniques, strategies and tools to move forward and create momentum, yet you still feel like you're not where you want to be personally and professionally.



If on paper it looks like you, "have it all," yet deep down it feels like something is “missing” and you can’t quite put your finger on it.



You are craving greater fulfillment and authentic connection to yourself, other human beings, the world and Spirit.



You are serious, ready and willing to take consistent inspired action to get the results you’ve been asking for and want to collaborate and partner up with a guide that honors, respects, and celebrates all aspects of you.



You value investing in yourself at a high-level to upgrade and up-level yourself and your leadership because you know that doing so not only impacts your life positively but also those around you.


“My metrics increased 90% and I know they’re going to continue to expand because the work that we do is HIGH-LEVEL.”

– Derek Lovell, CEO of Horror Escape

The Results From This Work Are:


Greater confidence, clarity and empowerment in making clearer, bolder, more aligned decisions and choices in your leadership and mission.


Expanded spiritual awareness, emotional intelligence and mindfulness so that you can fully trust yourself, your body's intelligence and your personal path in a way you have never experienced before.



Ability to effectively manage and increase your energy, time, money and resources through implementing and establishing healthier and firmer boundaries.



A freer more expanded state of being and living, liberated from limiting beliefs, fears and resistance that have held you back and stopped you from being your most self-expressed, fulfilled and successful version of yourself.



Deeper connection to your intuition, higher guidance and “Spirit team” while still remaining grounded and embodied so that you're able to bring your mission, dreams and goals into fruition.



Experience more flow, aligned opportunities, abundance and ease as you move through your daily life, your mission and interactions.



The ability to openly and actively share your gifts, creativity, innovations and ideas powerfully with the world to create a larger impact.



Specific daily rituals, tools and practices to further expand your consciousness, increase your vibration and set you up for daily success so you can stay centered, and peaceful during challenging life cycles.


How It Works

The immersion begins with a virtual intensive day over ZOOM video.

Your intensive day is designed specifically to meet you where you’re at and is customized based on what you’re bringing into the immersion.

Prior to your intensive day, you will receive a detailed online questionnaire to fully prepare you for the day and the focus of our time together.

During your intensive day, you will receive Quantum coaching, a trance-channeling session, energy activations, clearing work, strategies and tools, along with a personalized and customized plan to immediately implement for our remaining time together.

Following the day-long intensive together, you will have ongoing quantum coaching sessions for further support and implementation of your customized plan.

The program includes:


One virtual intensive day over ZOOM video conference with recordings and your customized plan to implement for the next six months and beyond.


Unlimited email support for any additional guidance and accountability in between sessions.


Nine, 90-minute, bi-weekly quantum coaching phone calls following the intensive day for rapid success and accelerated results.


One, 90-minute integration phone call at the end of the six months to celebrate your results and fine-tune your plan to continue to expand and implement your vision into the world.


You are incorporated into my 'energy gridding' practice for the six months where you will receive energy upgrades on a consistent basis.


Online forms and bonus resources to prepare and create sustainable success within the Sovereign Success Immersion and beyond.


Sovereign Success Immersions are by application and interview only.


I knew in my heart that committing to working with Vanessa was the courageous push I was yearning for.

When you commit to working with Vanessa, she gives you a special type of focus and presence that is extremely rare to find among your friends or family, a presence without bias or judgement, one that is solely dedicated to you and your betterment.

This gives her the space to look deep within your soul, seeing through your protective shield and exposing the inner challenges, the inner you, that most never see. You will be seen and heard in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Moving into the next chapter of my life with newfound confidence, excitement, and knowledge, has a priceless gift working with Vanessa.

~Jeffrey Roberts, Jeff Roberts Writes: Detoxification & Conscious Living

The first time I worked with Vanessa was when I attended her in person channeling event, Evenings With V, in Toronto. I went into the event with an open mind and an open heart, and left completely transformed.

My level of sensitivity to the spiritual world and my vibrational frequency increased. From there, I hired Vanessa to work with me one-on-one, we worked on business strategy, overall mission of my business and the gifts I have to share through my services.

I went in not knowing how I could “make more money but still have an impact” in my business. As a result of working with Vanessa, my retreats confidently sold out and I introduced a new healing modality into my Holistic Nutrition business.

I increased my rates and now have a steady flow of clients working with me. I feel calm and at peace knowing I am an abundance magnet and that the right clients that I am meant to work with are attracted into my life. Thank you so much Vanessa! I am so grateful!

~Stephanie Morrison Beaulieu, Holistic Nutritionist, Meditation & Yoga Instructor at Stephanie Morrison Wellness

I am ever so grateful for Vanessa’s amazing guidance and support! Before working with her, I was going through a rough transition and healing process. I had goals I wanted to achieve, but didn’t have enough belief in myself.

Once I connected with Vanessa, I knew right away that she was THE perfect teacher and guide for me. She not only made me feel understood, but she has a special essence about her that vibrated through her words. Along with her brilliant sensibility in her work, she is so divinely guided. And experiencing this gave me more assurance that I am supported throughout our journey together.

Through her guidance, she helped me to embrace my painful experiences and see the light in it all so that I could stand in my truth. She helped me to see my value and break free from my fears and through this, I was able to step into the next level of myself and in my true power with grace, joy and love.

The work that we’ve done together is one of the most valuable experiences in my life! I wish I could work with her for eternity!

After working with Vanessa, I now can confidently say that I am living in my truth, creatively and expressively. I now have the awareness and tools to create the happy, healthy and prosperous life I truly desire! Thank you Vanessa!”

~Donna Arrogante, Creative Director