Sacred Soul

Sacred Soul Session

My Sacred Soul Session is a week-long private 1:1 program designed to help you create a breakthrough in an area of your life that has been challenging you.

Whether you are new to my work or are in need of immediate, short-term support, my Sacred Soul Session is the perfect way to gain clarity, insight and guidance on how to best move forward.

Combining my intuitive Quantum Coaching work and energy healing, our work together will help to empower you to get unstuck and forge ahead confidently and clearly.

This session will help remove stagnant energy and limitations, while providing you with an aligned plan of action to immediately implement into your life.

You will know exactly what you need to do move forward fearlessly and with greater ease following this session.


A SACRED SOUL session is right for you if:


You desire to experience clarity and momentum in an area of your life where you have been feeling stuck and stagnant.


You lack a clear plan on how to move forward and feel as though you're spinning your wheels in confusion and frustration.


You are ready to take bold, inspired action so you can manifest and create an immediate and permanent breakthrough.


You are having any of the following limiting experiences that you are ready to work on and resolve:

  • Audition, screen, or public speaking anxiety
  • Challenges in speaking your truth, self-expression and becoming bolder in your message and mission
  • Making a major personal or professional decision or transition (job, business, move to a new city, relationship, etc.)
  • Lack of boundaries and how to implement them consistently
  • Feel unworthy, not good enough or undeserving
  • Give your power away easily to people and situations
  • Feel like a victim and often blame people or situations for your current circumstances
  • Fear other people’s opinions and thoughts of you
  • Are afraid of putting yourself out there and becoming more visible
  • Have been taking consistent action yet aren’t getting your desired results
  • Are feeling overworked, burnt out and tired of the hustle. You know there is an easier way but can’t quite figure it out.
  • Want space held for you to be heard, seen or understood in a deeper and more meaningful way.

You would like to experience a session with Vanessa privately.

“Because of our work, I was not only able to show up differently in my business, I was able to show up differently in my LIFE.”

– Michelle Pena, CEO of LivTru

What’s Included:


One, two-hour Sacred Soul Session over ZOOM video conference with recording, combining quantum coaching and energy work.


An online form to fill out prior to our session to help you best prepare for our time together.


Follow up Voxer (voice message) and email support for one week after the Sacred Soul Session.


Bonus resources to support you in your journey before, during and after our session.


All payments must be completed prior to your Sacred Soul Session.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will have access to Vanessa’s online calendar, online questionnaire and bonus resources.


“When I first met Vanessa I felt her heart and the depths of her Soul and her Divine Mission. She got me on a roll with my career, it has been in such a forward momentum and it’s still accelerating. My goals working with her were met. I got a new acting agent that is perfectly aligned with me. I started to get auditions in Hollywood. I accessed new parts of myself including deepening my talents and gifts. I am grateful for the powerful work we did…


~Cory Toedter, Actor & Healer


“I must first start of by saying that without the guidance and support from Vanessa, I would not have the tools and relationship with my true self. She has inspired me to look deeper into myself to find truth and resolution. Vanessa has taught me through her extensive knowledge, patience and just her overall loving nature, how to navigate through life’s roadblocks…


~Francesca Aceti, Artist & Designer


“While Vanessa’s work is incredibly powerful it is only matched by the incredible level of presence and commitment she brings. Experiencing sessions with Vanessa has been transformational. She sees right through the bullshit, bringing a firmly grounded level of practicality while still providing nurturing and warm support…


~Maya Nadeem, Facilitator, Healer & Artist