Sacred Soul

Sacred Soul Session

The Sacred Soul Session combines Quantum Coaching and energy healing to help empower you with a plan of action and gain greater clarity.

It will help you to breakthrough and reveal your blind spots, clear out any stagnant energy and uncover what needs to happen next so you can show up powerfully in your personal and professional life.

You will know exactly what you need to do move forward fearlessly and with greater ease following this session.

A SACRED SOUL session is perfect for you:


You desire to experience greater alignment within yourself and your life but you feel stuck and unable to move forward.


You lack a clear plan on how to make your dreams and/or visions your reality.


You are ready to take bold, inspired action so you can manifest and create the results you desire.


You’re ready to release the limitations that have been holding you back, dive deeper within yourself and experience a breakthrough.


You’re having one (or more) of the following experiences that you're ready to resolve:

  • Need clarity in a part of your life that has been confusing or challenging you
  • Performance anxiety
  • Challenges speaking your truth, self-expression and becoming bolder in your message and mission
  • Making a major personal or professional decision (job, business, move to a new city, relationship, etc.)
  • Boundaries issues
  • Feel unworthy, not good enough or undeserving
  • Give your power away easily
  • Fear other people’s opinions of you
  • Are afraid of putting yourself out there and becoming more visible
  • Have been taking consistent action yet aren’t getting your desired results
  • Are feeling overworked, burnt out and tired of the hustle
  • Want space held for you to be heard, seen or understood in a deeper and more meaningful way.

You would like to experience a session with Vanessa privately.

“Because of our work, I was not only able to show up differently in my business, I was able to show up differently in my LIFE.”

– Michelle Pena, CEO of LivTru

What’s Included:


One, 90-minute Sacred Soul Session over ZOOM video conference with recording, combining quantum coaching and energy work.


An online form to fill out prior to our session to help you best prepare for our time together.


Follow up Voxer (voice message) support for one week after the Sacred Soul Session.


Bonus resources to support you in your journey before, during and after our session.


All payments must be completed prior to your Sacred Soul Session.

Upon receipt of your payment, you will have access to Vanessa’s online calendar, online questionnaire and an agreement to sign.


I must first start of by saying that without the guidance and support from Vanessa, I would not have the tools and relationship with my true self. She has inspired me to look deeper into myself to find truth and resolution. Vanessa has taught me through her extensive knowledge, patience and just her overall loving nature, how to navigate through life’s roadblocks.

As an artist, having the ability to navigate even deeper into my truth has allowed me to tap into a different world of creative energy within myself, getting me that much closer to the most authentic version of myself. Vanessa helped me to recognize aspects of myself that were creating unsatisfactory results and instead replace them with love and courage.

~Francesca Aceti, Artist & Designer

While Vanessa’s work is incredibly powerful it is only matched by the incredible level of presence and commitment she brings. Experiencing sessions with Vanessa has been transformational. She sees right through the bullshit, bringing a firmly grounded level of practicality while still providing nurturing and warm support.

The combination of channeling, guidance and coaching is monumental to my process because I find that it meets ALL parts of me as they need to be met. As soon as the session starts I immediately come into a space where I feel fully received, seen and heard.

After our sessions I have a strong sense of where I am and a clear plan for what I need to do next, building in a solid road map where there had been a big question mark before.
I leave the session feeling supported and re-energized, and like I have access to my own motivation again.

Thanks to Vanessa I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and have been able to take steps that I found terrifying- including live videos with audiences and putting myself out into the world while being grounded in myself. It’s helping me take my leadership and move forward repeatedly in business.

Vanessa helps me believe in myself and reminds me of how important it is that I get my work out there. When our sessions end I feel grounded and centred, my fear not clouding my mind anymore and my heart feels open and ready for what comes next. I am immensely grateful for her and everything she offers as a human, a coach and a guide.

~Maya Nadeem, Facilitator, Healer & Artist