Quantum Alignment Activation Program

Quantum Alignment Activations are an opportunity to receive profound, powerful and practical higher consciousness guidance, solutions and healing activations from Vanessa and her loving, strategic spirit guides, The Pleiadians.

There is no question that goes unanswered.

No problem that is TOO BIG or too small to resolve.

In this 21-day program, Vanessa and The Pleiadian Guides provide you with a higher, clearer perspective and understanding of your current circumstances in any area of your life.

You will experience practical, down-to-earth solutions and tools to implement immediately so you can move forward on your path with greater certainty, clarity and authority.

Quantum Alignment Activations assist you in your spiritual awakening in a comforting yet direct way, meeting you exactly where you’re at on your journey.

*Please note: Quantum Alignment Activations are deeply healing, powerful and insightful. This is NOT a psychic or fortune teller reading. These activations will create profound and positive shifts and are not for entertainment purposes.

The benefits & RESULTS of this program are:


An accelerated reframe, higher perspective and deeper understanding about any challenges you are facing and the ability to resolve these challenges once and for all.


Expanded self-awareness and enhanced spiritual awakening, strengthening of and trust in your intuition and Spirit.


Greater alignment, self-expression and confidence so you can show up as the most empowered version of yourself both personally and professionally.


Clarity and direction on your life purpose, in your leadership and sacred mission.


Practical next steps to implement immediately in both your personal and professional life for immediate results.


A powerful healing and energy activation to clear away any stagnant and stuck energy that is blocking you from feeling lighter and experiencing the next level of yourself and personal fulfillment.


A deeper connection to others and the Universe while experiencing more appreciation and love for yourself.


Powerful insights and breakthroughs that unfold immediately and months after your Quantum Alignment Activation program is complete.

“If you’re sitting out there thinking, ‘Should I work with Vanessa or not?’ I say, ‘DO IT!’ It will be the best thing you’ve ever done.”

– Paula Jordan, CEO of Mistress of Provocative Ideas

Included in the Quantum Alignment Activation:


21-days of support beginning with a two and a half hour Quantum Alignment Activation trance-channeling session over ZOOM. Video recording included.


Two, one hour Quantum Coaching Integration sessions over ZOOM after the Quantum Alignment Activation trance-channeling session for further growth, support, clarity and integration. Video recordings included.


Unlimited Voxer support over the 21-days.


A set of protocols and resources to follow before, during and after the activation for smoother integration and refinement.


Specific, customized practices, strategies or "self-work" given to you by Vanessa and The Pleiadian Guides to implement following both sessions for accelerated results and permanent shifts.



When I first started working with Vanessa I was going through a huge transition in all areas of my life. I was looking for support and guidance with resolving my past and fully stepping into the truest version of me. I felt ready to connect on a higher level with my intuition and guidance, to help me remember the truth of why I’m here and what I’m meant to do. I desired to learn how to love and honor myself and remember that source is my source and everything else is a channel of that.

She was able to hold a very safe container for me to walk through some darker parts of myself. Our work together helped me to truly connect to myself, honor, show up fully and trust myself. I was still doubting myself and my intuition. I am no longer doing this, I feel so much more connected to myself, my source and my truth which is life changing. I am choosing me and trusting in what feels right for me now, letting go of what I “should” do and taking action from inspiration and divine guidance. 

I feel strong, connected and confident in who I am and what I am here to do. I have truly fallen in love with myself and become my own best friend. I have a strong remembrance of who I truly am, how powerful and magnificent I am and how supported I am in all ways and at all times. For me this is true freedom.

The channeling session in our program was one of the most powerful experiences I have ever had (and I’ve experienced a lot). Connecting with The Pleiadian Guides was so magical, it felt like divine truth was injected into all parts of my mind, body and Soul. It was beyond life changing and I wish I had the words to fully articulate how it helped to transform me from the inside out. 

Vanessa is a gifted light worker and inspirational way-shower. I loved how comfortable and safe I felt with her to share my truth and how she was able to feel into what I truly needed most in each moment. To me that is an amazing coach and guide. I loved that we could laugh, have fun and make light of things that sometimes felt so heavy and daunting. I would absolutely recommend this work to anyone who is ready to crack open their heart and step into their magnificence.

~Randi Halaway, Soul & Business Coach

Working with Vanessa was exactly what my soul needed and I am so grateful for the work we did together. Her channeling was extremely helpful and the potency of the experience itself sparked a powerful shift in my own ascension journey.

Vanessa was such an incredible resource to have as I was opening up my channel more, going through massive energetic upgrades, and navigating through a big change in my business. Vanessa’s gifts, spiritual integrity, and warm presence are such a blessing. I would recommend this work to anyone who is ready to dive head first in their evolution.

~Caty Pasternak, Women’s Spiritual Leadership Coach

I went through years of intense non-duality spiritual training and practice. My experience from Vanessa’s channeling work was like reviewing all those years in one sitting! As a spiritual healer myself, Vanessa has helped me reconnect and recalibrate many of my own choices moving forward.

~Joe Gacoscos. Author, Healer and Psychic Development Teacher at True Insights Psychic Development & Empowerment

Wow! Thank you so much for such a powerful experience. I really resonated with the energy and feeling it come through in your feminine form. I loved your energy in bringing the channeled messages through. It was very comforting to me, more so than my other channeling experiences. I also really loved the engagement and the energy clearing. Thank you so much for the work you are doing and for bringing this through.

~Erinn McMurtrie, Transformational Coach & Artist