In today’s hectic world, bombarded by social media and technology, meditation has become an essential tool to break through the noise and connect to your highest self and potentiality.

Which is why I’m inviting you on a journey to expand your inner awareness, release your stress and anxiety, strengthen your body’s natural healing abilities, and revive your passion for life!

Decide TODAY to elevate your mind, body, soul, and spirit with my Passageway to Peace Guided Meditation album.

My guided meditation album will help you:

  • Sleep more deeply and soundly.
  • Become more productive and focused.
  • Feel more grounded.
  • Amplify your creativity.
  • Connect to your heart.
  • Feel refreshed and alert.
  • Heal your body and brain.
  • Unleash your confidence.
  • Glow from the inside out.

Passageway To Peace  has powerful built-in brainwave entrainment, isochronic tones and meditative music tracks behind my guided meditations to calm and soothe your entire mind-body-spirit.


My Meditation Journey


Meditation has single-handedly been one of the biggest catalysts for transforming my entire life inside out.

When I started meditating twelve years ago, I had no idea how to sit with myself, be present and not be in my head. I had a difficult time getting out of my head and into my body.

I wasn't trained to sit and be still with my breath.

I was a doer.

A female leader who got s*it done!

And quite frankly, I initially wasn't sold on the value of meditation and its impact on my life. But my life coach at the time insisted on me practicing meditation to help with my overthinking and worrying.

At first, meditation was incredibly hard for me.

I had monkey mind.

My thoughts wouldn't stop.

I was fidgety.



All I could focus on was my to-do list and my busy calendar.

Sound familiar?

At times I left my meditation cushion feeling even more frustrated instead of feeling at peace! Even with good intentions, I was ready to give up.


I discovered that there was an easier way to "train my brain" to meditate.

I was given a CD of guided meditation tracks with music "entrainment technology" to slow the brain waves down automatically while listening to the tracks (a.k.a. less monkey mind and faster relaxation).

After listening to the tracks for several weeks I started to notice gradual shifts in how I was operating and feeling.

I was less worried about my future.

I felt more relaxed (even when I wasn't listening to the tracks!).

My intuitive abilities began to strengthen and get clearer.

And at the time, I was going through a big upheaval and transition in my career in the entertainment industry and in my event marketing business.

Instead of flailing and freaking out, I was oddly at peace.

I felt grounded.

And centered amidst so much change happening in my life.

After working with those tracks, it became easier for me to eventually learn to sit in silence with myself and my breath.

Many years later, I still meditate regularly.

Sometimes with a guided track and other times on my own.

And I take note of how GOOD I feel when I practice meditation and how not-so-good I feel when I don't.

Meditation keeps me aligned.

And that alignment has created greater fulfillment and success in ALL areas of my life.

It's become a daily ritual and a part of my lifestyle.

No matter where I am. No matter if I am traveling or at home.

It's also one of the most important tools I have taught my clients because of the infinite amount of benefits it has on all levels of being.

This is why I created and wrote my very own guided meditation album. Each track was carefully channeled through and professionally produced at a professional recording studio.

Whether you're a seasoned meditation pro looking for a new way to spice up your practice or you’re just starting out on your mindfulness journey, Passageway To Peace will enhance all areas of your life.

When your mind and body is in a consistently relaxed state, over a period of time your resiliency and resourcefulness with day-to-day stress is handled differently. What seemed so big before, isn’t— you’re empowered and have new perceptions!

You show up to your life centered and solution focused, rather than reactive and overwhelmed.

And if you're experiencing any health issues, these tracks may shift your body into self-healing mode. Your body will receive an increase in energy in order to facilitate the healing process over the long-term.

My clients over the years have RAVED about how much this album has helped them achieve peace, awareness, and a whole new sense of being. And my hope is for it to do the same for you!  

It’s my deepest desire to help everyone from community to global leaders, business professionals and entrepreneurs to stay-at-home moms and dads and other spiritual teachers to experience their most aligned, centered, and peaceful state possible.

Love & blessings,