Thank you for taking the leap and saying YES to embarking on this transformational experience together. I am honored and so excited to be your guide and I am looking forward to supporting you in your journey and in your continued alignment and expansion in life and business.

Below you will find everything you need for your program to run smoothly and successfully. It is lengthy, but it includes all of the necessary links and instructions for our work together. All of the deliverables of what you will be receiving will be found in your contract/agreement.

Please take the time to read through this fully.

(to book in your calls if you ever need it, please email me first if you need to make any changes to our sessions. I always book your next session in at the end of every session)

Online Form Links (to submit before each session)

Welcome Aboard Online Questionnaire (fill out for Session #1 only)


Please fill out and submit the online questionnaire below at least 48 hours before our first session together. Because of the length of this questionnaire, please be sure to take plenty of time to fill it out. I recommend completing it in one sitting so you don’t lose your information. Be as detailed and specific as possible.

Pre-Session Form Questionnaire (fill out for Session #2 onwards only)

Please fill out this online questionnaire 24 hours prior to each session.

Preparing For The Sessions

It’s important to prepare yourself fully leading up to our time together. Coming into each session prepared and ready will set us both up for success, ease and flow.

Prior to each session (from session #2 onward) you will fill out the Pre-Session Questionnaire 24 hours before our scheduled session.

I recommend having a journal that is exclusively for our time together that will specifically be for note taking, writing down your visions and creative ideas, journaling and doing any written self-work that is assigned in your sessions.

Please be sure to bring that journal and a pen to each session to take notes, along with water.

Additional Support In Between Sessions

Over the next several months, you have unlimited email and Voxer support access in between your sessions.

If you plan to use Voxer, please record messages that are less than 5 minutes in length at a time. I will respond within a two business day turnaround. Please wait for my response before recording/sending another email or Voxer message.

Also, please respond to any Voxer messages or emails I send you within a 48 hour business day turnaround as well.

If you plan to email me, please send me one email at a time to view and I will respond within two business days.

For anything coaching related, please email me at vanessapetronelli@gmail.com

For any tech/calendar/logistical support, please email my team at support@vanessapetronelli.com

Intention Setting

Prior to our first session, I highly recommend setting time aside to reflect and set intentions for what you want to receive and embody in this journey. Start to focus on the vision of your future and the feeling you want to experience within yourself and the life you’re about to create.

Find time to meditate, pray or journal without any interruptions or distractions.

Create a sacred ceremony to help symbolize what you’re ready to let go of and call in during our time together.

Setting powerful intentions is valuable and important for you to have a fulfilling and aligned experience in this work.

Because I’m a conduit for bringing through Universal love and truth, the energy and guidance is going to go where it’s most needed and where it will be most effective for you.

I recommend setting powerful intentions on:

★ How you want to show up in the program.

★ What you want to step into.

★ Who you would like to become.

★ What you want your experience to be like in our work together.

★ What you are ready to let go of.

★ What results you’d like to create in your reality.

★ How you want to feel at the end of the program.

I am excited to support you on your transformational journey!