It never fails, I’ve seen it happen a million times before.

I’m on a call with a potential client and they’re on the cusp of making a major decision to transform their lives and leadership.

Or I’m personally facing an opportunity for major upleveling and a significant shift.

And the EXCUSES, drama, conflict, objections somehow come right up and put up a good fight.

It’s like clock work.

The brain and body goes into a survival and defense pattern.

The protective mechanisms kick in.

The fear of letting go of what’s familiar, even in the attempt and desire to rise above that and create a new reality kicks right in.

Sometimes it wins and deflection shows up, stories get created, objections take over, even projections toward others occur, all in an attempt to stop the growth process from happening.

Not having enough money.
Or enough time.
Thinking the work has already been done.
That the timing is off.
Or that one can do it by themselves.

Are all clever and covert ways we can stop ourselves from getting closer to the Divine plan residing within.

It’s amazing the bull shit we sell ourselves in the initiation process of spiritual and personal transformation.

But if you’re aware of it (and now you are) you can recognize it when it’s happening.

And lovingly put a stop to it.

The truth is change can be scary.

I understand that.

And most of the time we have to admit that we might be 90% ready but not 100%.

And that’s ok.

Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith, even with fear present to receive the gifts that are waiting when we do.

Growth is not meant to be comfortable all the time.

It doesn’t always have to feel good.

It will stretch your limits.

And challenge you in ways you’ve never known.

That’s why so many people avoid it.

So be on the look out for these patterns when they come up, because it’s a sign that you’re on the cusp of some juicy and life enhancing transformation.



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