Not Everyone Will Value What You Offer

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And that’s ok.

Yes, it really is OK.

It took me a LONG time to get that.

In my business, I would get SO frustrated.

I would take it personally.

“How could you NOT value yourself enough to do this for yourself? The world? Your Soul?
Your fulfillment?!”

I’d get on enrollment calls with perspective clients, who believed they were ready and willing to do whatever it took to get to the next level…

And then the financial part of our conversation would happen…

Sticker shock.

Fear taking right over.

These were also the EXACT same people, who told me on our calls how much they valued spending their money on…

a Samsung HDTV,
a Gucci handbag,
a two-week vacation to Hawaii,
a new BMW lease payment.

But spending that kind of money on becoming the highest version of themselves?
Powerfully becoming aligned to the next level of their leadership and mission?
Investing in their growth?
Their future?


I don’t say this to judge anyone.


I’ve been here before as well.

I also value beautiful things.
I love vacations.
High quality items.
I believe it’s in our birthright to be affluent and to have what we desire.

I say this, only to reiterate the fact that human beings place VALUE on the things that are most important to them.

Some people value spending their time, energy and money on things that give them instant gratification.

Some people value spending their time, energy and money on experiences.

Some people value spending their time, energy and money on investing in themselves, their businesses and their futures.

I used to make myself and others wrong because of this.

I took it personally and to heart.
I made it about me.

I took it to heart, because the very things they were investing in WERE NOT helping them to feel truly fulfilled and in alignment with their highest truth and their highest self.

I imagined that if they were, they wouldn’t have reached out to me in the first place.

But after going through this learning experience multiple times, doing my inner work around it, I knew I had to make a CHOICE to stop taking it personally.

Just because *I* value personal, spiritual, leadership, healing work and business development, doesn’t mean that everyone else will or has to.

And just because someone doesn’t value what I am offering, doesn’t mean that what I have to offer isn’t valuable.

Or that my value as a human being is tied to that.

You just have to keep going.
Fine tune and craft your messaging for your ideal clients who don’t need ANY convincing about what you have to offer.
Stay aligned to your Soul.
Tighten up your enrollment and sales process (this is huge!)
And keep believing in yourself and what you have to offer.

Because someone will come along and THANK YOU for offering them what you offer.

Connect with people who value what you value, rather than trying to convince or TELL someone that they should buy what you have to offer them because you think they need it.

Trust that the very thing you believe in most, will be valuable for the right fitting person.



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