In this chaotic time, some tips on how to use this time wisely.

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To my fellow visionaries, entertainment industry professionals, creatives and entrepreneurs…

Use this time wisely.

Even though we are facing an unprecedented time with a lot of uncertainty, this period can be very useful and transformational if you choose that for yourself.

Being instructed to shift your daily life around, stay at home and socially distance yourself can actually serve you (and yes, of course others.)

Without all of the constant movement, busyness and distractions, you can utilize this time to be intentional, creative and deliberate with what you focus on, spend your time doing and where you place your energy.

This is a time to learn to really BE with yourself, your Soul, your thoughts and feelings.

To sit with, look at, explore and hold the parts of you that are reactive, in fear and in need of your love and attention.

This is a time to to care for your body.

To exercise it, rest, heal, have the downtime, nourishment and care it craves.

You have an opportunity to listen to its wisdom and to give it what it needs.

This is a time to connect.

A time to pick up the phone and drop in with your family and loved ones.

Check in with a friend who lives alone.

Spend quality time with loved ones you live with.

Play with your children more frequently.

Schedule in connection calls with colleagues and get to know each other.

This is a time to consider others, to think about how your daily actions and choices and how they impact and affect others.

This is a time to give (if you have the capacity and bandwidth to do so.) To be of genuine service to others who need your assistance and support.

This is a time to either ignite and/or continue on in your purpose and mission.

The world is changing RAPIDLY now and the energy present is pushing each of us to evolve into a higher stage of being, authenticity and presence.

If you’ve been putting off projects, stopped your creativity from fully flowing, haven’t fully been sharing your skills, wisdom or gifts or have allowed those new ideas and inspirations to birth through you yet, GET TO IT.

Don’t let this time slip away from you.

Time is always precious, but especially during this cycle we’re in.

Take inspired action and allow this period to move you into greater alignment with your Soul and who you’re here to be.

How each of us chooses to use this time will determine the future we are all creating right NOW, in this very moment, together.

How will you spend it?

What will you do?

Who will you be during this time?

What can you create?

How can you give more to the world?

Reflect on these questions and be real with yourself.

Because what you choose now and moving forward will have a ripple effect into the world.

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