I definitely couldn’t say that publicly once upon a time though.

I was terrified to admit that…

I speak to and channel extraterrestrials.
I communicate with Angels.
I receive guidance from Ascended Masters.
I do mediumship and clairvoyant work.
Intuitive readings and coaching.
Energy healing work with my voice, hands and being.

But I know I’m here as a global leader in the shift of consciousness and part of my service to the world is fully showing up in my Divine gifts and being.

I openly admit to all of this now.

I refuse to hide it.

And I’m not sharing this to boast or brag about my abilities.

It’s in my DNA and Soul blueprint to put myself out there, over and over again.

And I share all of this because as a light leader for a new generation of leaders, I MUST go first.

While also encouraging you to know that you’re not alone.

Your voice.
Your gifts.
Your essence is needed in the world.
It cannot stay hidden.

Now I understand that it may sound crazy and completely outrageous to some of you who read this.

But those are just your projections and opinions. And I lovingly send that energy back to you now.

Because I know who I AM.
I know what my truth is.

I’ve had these gifts from the time I was a child and I’m not meant to keep them to myself.

But it’s taken me many years of deep work, thousands of hours of client sessions to FINALLY get to the point of unapologetically owning my Spiritual gifts and skills publicly.

It wasn’t easy getting to this point though.

There was a time I hid most of this.

Where only my inner circle and clients knew the extent of my Spirit side.

“I don’t think my family will accept me if I do this.”

“What will my [my then] boyfriend think of me?”

“How will the world respond to me when I talk about this or post about that?”

I was afraid of letting the outside world see ALL parts of me.

Because we don’t live in a society that shares the truth about who we really are; multidimensional, spiritual beings capable of so much more than we currently are taught to believe.

So I hid.
I betrayed myself.
I lied to the world about who I was.
I played small out of fear.
I didn’t share the extent of my abilities.
I was ashamed.
And didn’t want to be rejected or judged for my beliefs and gifts.

But as I went through my multiple cycles of awakenings, this fear and shame started to shed, layer by layer, piece by piece, I was forced to face these parts of myself because I couldn’t contribute my greatest self and work to the world if I didn’t.

One of the most difficult parts of this journey was openly coming out as a trance-channel and communicator to extraterrestrials last year.

“This is fucking crazy!” I thought to myself.

“Who will take my work and me seriously?”

Well, those thoughts went out the window when I powerfully created and sold out multiple channeling events in three cities in North America.

And filled up my practice with amazing new clients.

That took a TON of fucking courage for me to come out and do that.

Please don’t think for a moment that I didn’t have my “humanity” kick in before sharing all of that.

I may may it look easy.
But it hasn’t been.

The support of a loving man by my side.
Friends and family.
Conscious community.
My Success team of coaches, mentors, practitioners and healers.
And most importantly my deep rapport, trust and connection to myself, my devotion to Spirit, my leadership and my sacred mission to help elevate consciousness and vibration on this planet, ALL helped me to get here.

I would never have been able to do this all by myself.

So my encouragement to you is to let go of the need to silence your Spirit side.

To filter your Spiritual beliefs and inspirations out of fear.

To dim your light from others.

To hide and hold back.

And the belief that you can evolve and do this all by yourself.

That’s an incredible amount of pressure to put upon yourself.

It’s why I have created my offerings, programs, workshops, retreats and events.

So you DON’T have to do this on your own.

Where we are currently as a collective requires us to collaborate now.

To come together and support each other’s missions and livelihoods.

We must come together as bringers of light and activate each other.

It’s not enough to read a post on social media.
Go to a couple seminars.
Read a few books.
Or get a reading or healing to expand your awareness and claim who you are in this world.

Those things ALL help in the long run.

But something magical occurs when two or more higher consciousness beings are gathered together.

The ripple effect of what’s created in that energy and space multiply out into the masses.

I’ve seen this occur over and over again for many years now. And that’s why it’s essential that you give yourself and others the permission to let your Spirit side shine.



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