Lack & scarcity consciousness is embedded deeply into our systems.

It keeps the survival paradigm and the current systems alive on our planet. Rooted in fear, it disempowers the masses around what money really is.

I’ve rarely met anyone who is immune to it, even if I’ve met people who have a lot of money in their bank accounts they STILL have lack and scarcity consciousness.

But money DOES not have to be made the enemy!

All those stories we’ve learned about it are ALL apart of the programming.

And those stories we’ve learned and adopted about it keep us stuck in a perpetual cat and mouse trap of survival mode, feast or famine, fear, worry and anxiety.

Money is not evil. 
This is an illusion.
It is simply ENERGY.

It is neutral.

It’s your thinking, your emotions, your beliefs, your energy and programming that you have about it that dictates your relationship to it.

I’ve done many, many years of self work around money. And I still do!

It’s an area of continual growth, deeper understanding and expansion for me.

The one thing I’ve learned about money is that it serves my growth and connection to myself and Source.

It strengthens my trust, my ability to surrender, it helps me rely more heavily on my higher guidance and connection to Source.

Until you’re ready to not only do the mental work around money but the spiritual and energetic work as well, you’ll frequently get caught in the patterns that trigger lack and scarcity.

The bottom line, is that you can OVERCOME this!

You don’t have to stay stuck in that story and unhealthy dynamic with money anymore.

You must make a conscious choice to do your inner work and transmute the lies you’ve been told about money and yourself.

You can become empowered!

You can receive and allow more money and prosperity to flow to you.

But it starts with YOU and not with anything or anyone outside of you.



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