Guided Meditation Audios

This guided meditation is best used when you are feeling stressed, fearful, nervous, anxious or worried. It will help to reset your entire energy and nervous system to a calm, relaxed, present and centered state. Use this as often as you need to.

This guided meditation is a fantastic way to connect to your future version of yourself and visioning your future. You will receive important information from this future version of you to begin to implement into your present. Do this as often as you need to, especially if you feel confused, disconnected to yourself and/or your mission.

This guided meditation is recommended to be downloaded and used on a daily basis or at the very least a few times a week. It will keep your energy pristine, clear and aligned. Please only use this when you’re able to relax and not while operating a vehicle or any machinery as there are theta waves built into this track.

This guided meditation is for whenever you have an uncomfortable emotion to process or feel overwhelmed by emotions and need to shift your state.

Passageway To Peace (my guided meditation album)


Download and use my meditation album to further support you in the work that we are doing together. It will help you to relax and get your system ready for transformation. Each guided track has built in brainwave technology. Please be sure to open the ‘READ ME FIRST’ PDF document in the Dropbox folder before you listen to any of the tracks.


Energetic Exercises Video


This video is a helpful and important tool for your body and energy field. It will help activate prosperity and grounding. It combines super brain yoga movement(s) and gets you moving your energy while using your breath. Instructions are found in the video, use this 1-2x times a day consistently and you will see great results over time.