Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions that I receive from both potential clients and media. If you curious about working with me, please read below.

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is designed to answer the most frequently asked questions that I receive from both potential clients and media. If you curious about working with me, please read below.


Who do you work with?

While I have had the honor of working with people from all over the world and from all walks of life for over a decade, over the last few years, I have specialized in working with purpose-driven celebrities, influencers and entertainment industry professionals. I help them to attain next level success, visibility and fulfillment through personal and spiritual transformation.

My clients usually have one thing in common. They know that they have a specific mission to fulfill in their lifetime and that their gifts, creativity, skills and talents are a big part of that. Each of them has a vested interest in making a bigger, more positive contribution to the world, all while making sure that they are living a joyful and fulfilled existence in the process.

How do you help your clients?

I help my clients upgrade their entire being (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and energetically) which in turn impacts the way they show up to ALL areas of their lives, their work and in their relationships.

Most of my clients find me when they are in search of greater clarity, fulfillment and direction in their lives. They know deep down that they are here to do more and be more so they can continue to be at cause for something bigger than themselves. Some reach out to me during the middle of a major life transition and/or they know the gap is too big from where they currently are to where they want to be, and they know they need support and guidance.

How long do you typically work with clients for?

If you’re new to my work, then we will begin with one of my programs that I currently offer. You have two options to choose from. If you want a breakthrough around one specific area or you want to experience a session before committing to a long term program with me, then my Sacred Soul Session is the perfect option for you. You can purchase your session directly via the link.

If you’re looking to work on multiple areas of your life and want long term support, then my six-month Sovereign Success Immersion might be a better fit. Remember, the longer we work together, the deeper our work will go and the greater the possibility for transformation.

After working with me initially in one of my programs, many clients have me on their team for years. I act as an advisor and guide to whom they turn to regularly for support, growth and a safe space to be themselves where they are heard and understood fully.

From time to time, I do create a more customized offer for a client that is based on their needs and what is most aligned to support them.

In order to discover IF or HOW I can support you, book in a complimentary 20-minute Clarity Call that will determine if we are an aligned fit to work together.

How often do you meet with clients? Are the coaching sessions in-person?

In my Sacred Soul Session, we will meet one time for two hours virtually over ZOOM video conference. Following the session, you will have a week of unlimited Voxer audio and email support from me where you can ask questions, celebrate wins or simply ask for guidance where needed.

For my six-month Sovereign Success Immersion, we will meet every two weeks over ZOOM video. You will also receive the unlimited Voxer audio and email support in this program as well

The beauty about my work is that no matter how busy you are, working virtually is convenient and accessible. You can be anywhere in the world and we can have our private sessions.

Some clients who do enjoy in-person work are able to book in one or two day intensives with me either as a customized part of the program or for an additional investment.

Do you work with clients who live outside of the US and Canada?

YES. I have worked with clients from all over North America, Asia, the Middle East, Australia and Europe.

What is the age range of the clients you work with?

Although I am happy to work with adults in any age group, I find that most of my clientele range from the age of 30-55 years old.

What if I’m busy or have to travel a lot?

Simply put, when you value something, you make the time and effort for it. All of my clients are busy. There are seasons and cycles to everyone’s lives and we may meet in a busy season where you’re traveling a lot or one where you have more down time.

Regardless, I am used to working with professionals in the entertainment world who have schedules that at times, require flexibility. This is why working virtually together is helpful for this reason, because all that is required to connect with me is your phone, laptop or tablet. I have designed my work to fit into your life in the most accessible and convenient way possible.

What is trance channeling?

Everyone is a channel. Actors channel the character they are portraying. Writers, musicians and artists channel when they are a state of flow performing and being creative. It just depends on the frequency or “channel” you are tuning into.

I happen to have the ability to access higher levels of consciousness and stream through guidance, wisdom and energy healing in my channeling. My eyes are closed and my personality is pushed back, so the guidance streams through without me editing the information coming through me to help my clients have accelerated breakthroughs and shifts in their lives.

Some examples of channeling work that you can look up are Abraham Hicks, Paul Selig, Bashar to name just a few.

Not everyone is into channeling and I completely understand and respect that. Any clients who want to opt out of receiving a channeling from me in my programs are able to.

However if you are open to it, I know you will get so much out of the channeling. If you’re curious to find out more check out my in-home channeling event, Evenings With V.

What is your main philosophy and approach to working with clients?

I will always meet you where you’re at. I am your co-creative partner in our work and you are always in the driver seat.

I am NOT a guru or a savior.
I am NOT here to fix you as you are not broken.
I am NOT here to do the work for you or be a quick fix to deeper issues.
I am NOT here to tell you what to do or how I think you should live your life.
I AM here to support you in having deep, permanent life transformations.
I AM here to help you access your highest potential and live a deeply meaningful and fulfilled life.
I AM here to empower you to become your most authentic, confident and fully self-expressed version of yourself so you can make a bigger more impactful contribution to the world.
I AM here to assist you in actualizing your dreams, visions and goals even when you don’t see how they are possible or it feels out of reach.
I AM your ally in your journey of self discovery.

Where are you located?

I live in Carlsbad, CA with my hubby Jeffrey and our rescue dog, Leo.

What is the investment to work with you?

Working with me will require you to invest fully in the process – your mind, body, Soul, time, energy and finances. There is NO shortcut to your success, joy and fulfillment.

I only work with a handful of clients at a time because I provide high-level, high-touch private support for my one to one clients. Because of this, they get access to me more frequently and I get to show up fully resourced for them.

I do have different programs and payment plans available for each of my coaching programs.

How do I apply to work with you?

You can schedule a 20-minute complimentary Clarity Call with me by clicking here. This will give us an opportunity to see if or how I can support you.

There are several questions to answer before your call is scheduled with me. Please take your time filling out and when you have enough time scheduled to work through it one sitting because you will not be able to save your answers. Looking forward to connecting with you!


For over fifteen years, I have remained devoted to working on and transforming my own life, developing my skills as a leader and business owner, and diving deep into my personal and spiritual self.

I consider myself a student for life and invest in myself on an ongoing basis so that I show up fully resourced, empowered and aligned, while also staying on the cutting edge in my field.

As a result of my own personal and professional transformation and the thousands of hours of sessions I have had with clients over the past eleven years, I have developed my own method called, Quantum Coaching, combining my coaching skills, intuitive insights and channeling abilities, to help create expedited breakthroughs and life changing results with my client’s in a shorter, more accelerated period of time.

I’m able to do this with my educational training and also with the guidance of my Spirit Team—a group of celestial, pristine beings of the highest order of pure love and light, my own Higher-Self and The Pleiadian Guides.

Through this work, you become a more fulfilled human being that is aligned, embodied and leading from your heart and Soul, doing what you were born to do.


I am here to assist you in activating and expanding your deepest gifts, talents, visibility and message, so you can impact, serve and inspire more people, more powerfully than ever before.

If you’re ready to dive in with me, take a look at how we can work together.


“Vanessa is a HIGH integrity, soul-driven leader and coach whose mere presence in my life has radically altered my confidence in my ability to express my soul purpose! From the moment we started working together, her commitment to me as a client, her compassion for me, and her fierce loyalty and integrity shone through.She has the ability to hold space with kindness while also seeing your greatest potential and illuminating where and how you can start living into your Soul’s calling…


~Mona Motwani, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Writer, Lawyer & Humanitarian


“Vanessa is a pretty special individual. That was obvious during our initial phone consultation. But what I learned as time passed was the sheer breath of knowledge and experience she brings to the table, the ever-useful advice and guidance for helping me manifest my own particular business visions. Vanessa deftly walked me through potential stumbling blocks and articulated very clearly—with precise language—how to be effective in connecting authentically to…


~Eric Rabin, Creator of Path to Samadhi


“Working with Vanessa was exactly what my soul needed and I am so grateful for the work we did together. Her channeling was extremely helpful and the potency of the experience itself sparked a powerful shift in my own ascension journey. Vanessa was such an incredible resource to have as I was opening up my channel more, going through massive energetic upgrades, and navigating through a big change in my business…


~Caty Pasternak, Women’s Spiritual Leadership Coach