Our world is in the midst of GREAT change and waiting for you to RISE UP.

You are READY and your soul is waiting for YOU, to embody more of WHO YOU ARE and operate from your most grounded, authentic and fullest expression.

If you’ve landed here, maybe you are…


On an accelerated path of personal and spiritual mastery desiring to continue to deepen your connection to the entire Universe and your true self.


Ready for greater clarity and alignment to your mission and your highest version of yourself.


Feeling the urgency to be on the cutting edge of consciousness.


Looking for support around your purpose from higher dimensions and beings of light.


Ready to implement the guidance received into your daily life in a grounded and strategic way.

You’re invited to join Vanessa as she takes you and a group of fellow like minded individuals on an  interactive journey of guided meditation, galactic transmissions, clearings and upgrades.

The event also includes Q&A and strategic guidance that will activate your entire being, take you to new levels of consciousness and awareness that will permanently shift your day-to-day life experience as a human being and leader in humanity’s transition forward.

Past results from Vanessa’s Group channeling experiences have included:


Greater inspiration


Enhanced intuition and connection to divine guidance and beings of light that are here to support you


Clarity on next steps


A sense of feeling lighter, clearer and more expansive


Extraction and removal of old energy, disruptive patterns, traumas and belief systems from the mind, body and spirit


An inflow of lucrative opportunities


Direct and clear guidance on personal and professional issues that have not been resolved merely through strategy, meditation, prayer or conventional forms of support

“The channeling was an honor to be in the presence of. World leaders will fly in from all over the planet to be in this energy. I feel so incredibly privileged to have been a part of this.”

~Antia Boyd, Expert & Speaker at MagnetizeTheMan.com

It is time to rise up.

This event will upgrade, up-level and activate your ENTIRE being from the inside out.

You will leave feeling lighter and clearer on your life and in your Soul’s mission.

Your physical vessel, mind and vibrational field will be updated and be able to hold the new archetypes, ideas, next steps, wisdom, and energy that is required to shift your life.

This event is available as an in person and online livestream experience.

Schedule this event in. You don’t want to miss this experience.

*All tickets are NON-refundable and NON-transferable.

Your investment to this event is your FULL ON commitment to the experience and upgrades that you will receive.

“During the sound healing portion, Vanessa was able to up-level our vibration to the next level. I left with my heart feeling so full of love, inspiration, and joy.”

– Devani Freeman, Social Media Expert for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs


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Schedule this event in. You don’t want to miss this experience.


All tickets are NON-refundable and NON-transferable. Your investment to this event is your FULL ON commitment to the experience and upgrades that you will receive.


I loved my experience! Powerful, loving, fun, and relevant. Vanessa’s channeling delivered great wisdom, yet with humour that kept it light and accessible, and combined with an energetic and sound clearing and activation that was beyond words. I felt uplifted, supported, and sent forward on my path with specific next steps, knowing I’d received exactly what I needed. I am excited for those in the other locations who’ll receive the gift of your transmissions! I highly recommend this to anyone who has the chance to attend in other cities. Thank you, Vanessa!

~Lisa Berkovitz, Soul Mastery Coach

I’ve experienced channelings before, but there is something special about the space that Vanessa sets and the beings that come through her. Words I’d use to describe the experience? Cosmic, moving, and transformational. For anyone expecting to attend the event as a passive observer, you might find yourself surprised by the straight-shooting messengers that Vanessa, or ‘V’, invites in. When they arrive they make it known that the evening will be interactive, that audience participation is welcomed and expected, and that life might not look the same once you leave the doors.

After witnessing two Evenings With V events, I can say that they do not fall short in this promise. Individuals can expect one on one conversations with the beings and personalized energy and sound clearings, which can be ground-shaking for the ones who speak up, in the best way possible. Words do not accurately describe what these events can activate within you. But to put it simply, these events are for those who are ready to understand and remember, on a galactic level, who you really are why you came here. Prepare to have your world blown away.

~Jeffrey Roberts, Jeff Roberts Writes: Detoxification & Conscious Living

Vanessa’s channeling was truly beautiful and life changing! I got really inspired by the message that you and your galactic counterparts shared and it gave me a whole new purpose and dimension on how I can be of service to the world!

~Tatiana Tiess, Personal Brand Strategist & Creative Manager

Vanessa holds many rare gifts that impact the layers of your Soul in ways you can’t really explain. But in her presence, things change. She’s a powerhouse of wisdom and activation mused with the soft love of a sage who is always guiding you to your best and highest.

I was COMPLETELY blown away when I experienced her channeling gifts at one of her live events. A visceral experience that left me feeling like I had just been opened up by the graces of infinite Light – receiving messages from beyond that has your intellect questioning the validity yet your body knows and FEELS the truth. I don’t know how else to explain it, but I do know that everyone should experience it. Vanessa is such a gift to this world!

~Ali Walter, Entrepreneur, Business Consultant & Partner of Groundswell Agency

“Amplify Your WEALTH Frequency” Guided Meditation