Welcome to Evenings with V

Welcome to
Evenings with V

Galactic Transmissions│ Clearings & Upgrades

This Trance-Channeling event is designed to up-level and activate your ENTIRE being overall.
You will leave this event feeling lighter and clearer on what must come next in your life.


You desire to deepen your connection to the entire Universe and your true self.

You are ready for greater clarity and vibrational alignment to your highest version of yourself.

You may have the desire to be on the cutting edge of consciousness and humanity's transition forward to create a new Earth.

You want greater access and information from higher dimensions and beings of light and be able to bring that information into your daily life in a grounded and strategic way.

You know that something bigger is calling you forward and you're ready to receive the inspiration on your next steps.

Your current practices of meditation, prayer, journaling or personal routines aren't quite bringing you the same level of guidance, growth and grounding that they used to bring.

In this 3 hour event you will walk away with…

A sense of feeling lighter, clearer and more expansive in the mind, body and Spirit.

Enhanced intuition and connection to divine guidance and beings of light that are here to support humanity.

Direct and clear guidance on personal and professional issues that have not been resolved merely through strategy, coaching, meditation, prayer or conventional forms of support.

Greater inspiration and an inflow of lucrative opportunities along with clarity on next steps.

Let go of old energy, disruptive patterns and belief systems from the mind, body and spirit.

“During the sound healing portion, Vanessa was able to up-level our vibration to the next level. I left with my heart feeling so full of love, inspiration, and joy.”

– Devani Freeman, Social Media Expert for Heart-Centered Entrepreneurs

“Just feeling truly, truly at ease on the path I’m walking on…
I have no idea that magic is even possible!
And magic is definitely possible when you go to one of Vanessa’s channeling events.”

Erikaa Briones, Founder of Sexy Soul Collective
Sex, Love, & Archetypes
Spiral Practitioner






It is up to YOU to be a role model as we continue to evolve.

Our world is in the midst of GREAT change and waiting for you to RISE UP.

Our world is in the midst of GREAT change and waiting for you to RISE UP.


I’m a TRANCE-CHANNELER, INTERNATIONAL SPIRITUAL TEACHER, SPEAKER, supporting high-performing leaders, visionaries and influencers in achieving greater personal and professional success through spiritual fulfillment.

For the last decade, I have helped transform and inspire thousands of lives around the world from the inside out, powerfully helping people to become more impeccably aligned to themselves, their missions and sacred leadership.

I have channeled and been trained in working with Spirit my entire lifetime. In this trance-channeling event, I bring in The Pleiadian Guides who I specifically trance-channel to support you in your journey.

I have been trained to channel Spirit in various forms in my entire lifetime.


You’re invited to join Vanessa as she takes you on an exquisite, interactive journey of guided meditation, galactic transmissions, clearings and upgrades.

Are You Ready?

This event will also include Q&A and strategic guidance that will activate your entire being, take you to new levels of consciousness and awareness that will permanently shift your day-to-day life experience as a human being.

The world is READY and waiting for you to embody more of WHO YOU ARE and operate from your most grounded, authentic and fullest expression.



“My experience with Vanessa as a trance-channel for our women’s group was profound! I easily let go of any expectations under her guidance and entered into a heart opened and curious place before she even started channeling! Her introductory guided meditation was one of the most articulate, poetic and lovely meditations and visualization techniques I have ever experienced!…


~Betsy Finklehoo, Massage therapist, Intuitive & Guide


“Vanessa’s channeling was truly beautiful and life changing! I got really inspired by the message that you and your galactic counterparts shared and it gave me a whole new purpose and dimension on how I can be of service to the world!

~Tatiana Tiess


“The channeling was an honor to be in the presence of. World leaders will fly in from all over the planet to be in this energy. I feel so incredibly privileged to have been a part of this.

~Antia Boyd


“I loved my experience! Powerful, loving, fun, and relevant. Vanessa’s channeling delivered great wisdom, yet with humour that kept it light and accessible, and combined with an energetic and sound clearing and activation that was beyond words. I felt uplifted, supported, and sent forward on my path with specific next steps, knowing I’d received exactly what I needed…


~Lisa Berkovitz


“Vanessa is magical. Working with her is nothing less than extraordinary. Words cannot express how working with her has changed my life and will no doubt change yours. From breakthroughs, blockages, upgrades, and everything in between, she is in a word: amazing! She fearlessly shares her awesomeness with everyone she meets in perfect measure for each soul…


~Sabrina Kalemkarian


“Vanessa holds many rare gifts that impact the layers of your Soul in ways you can’t really explain. But in her presence, things change. She’s a powerhouse of wisdom and activation mused with the soft love of a sage who is always guiding you to your best and highest. I was COMPLETELY blown away when I experienced her channeling gifts at one of her live events…


~Ali Walter


“Vanessa’s galactic channeling is like no other transmission on the planet right now. Specifically, the vocal toning transmission segments of her channeling stream galactic energies in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s an experience that drives lower vibrational energies out and creates a frequency field that allows the physical body to come into resonance with that higher vibrational energetic…


~David Hrostoski


“I’ve experienced channelings before, but there is something special about the space that Vanessa sets and the beings that come through her. Words I’d use to describe the experience? Cosmic, moving, and transformational. For anyone expecting to attend the event as a passive observer, you might find yourself surprised by the straight-shooting messengers that Vanessa, or ‘V’, invites in…


~Jeffrey Roberts



What do I need in order to attend this virtual event?

You just need a strong Internet connection and a computer, tablet or smartphone that is compatible with Zoom. Also a journal and pen.

Who are the Pleiadian guides?

The Pleiadian Guides that Vanessa works with are a trio of non-physical light beings who are loving and wise. Their role is to help offer practical perspectives around our own personal and collective issues. And help us become more empowered and resilient by guiding us to connect to and embody our Magnificent Selves.

How much interaction will I get directly with Vanessa?

There will be a main spoken transmission plus a Q&A portion where you will be able to ask questions. Due to time limitations, we cannot guarantee that everyone will get their questions answered.

When and where is the event?

This event is online only, so you can attend from anywhere in the world where you have a reliable Internet connection.

What if I can’t attend the event, will there be a recording?

These events are designed specifically for the people attending. There will not be a recording available.

What if I cannot attend, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds and no transfers. Your investment to this event is your FULL ON commitment to the experience and upgrades that you will receive.

How many people do you expect to attend?

Previous events have had over 70 attendees.

You Can Also Enjoy The Event At The Comfort Of Your Home.

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