Best Practices to Prepare for your Deep Clearing & Realignment Energy Session


If you’re reading this then you’re scheduled for your Deep Clearing & Realignment Energy Session. This session is a sacred journey where you will go deep within your being to shed and release anything that is no longer in alignment with your mind, body, Soul as well as the Soul of your business. 

It is also designed to increase your capacity – capacity for more joy, fulfillment, abundance, clarity, ease and flow in your life and business!

Please take the time to review and prepare for this session by reading my suggestions and best practices below to get the most from the work.

And lastly, please follow the instructions on this page and send me the personal information that is required for the session at least 24 hours beforehand.

Preparing for your Session

Set quiet time aside for yourself at least 30 minutes before the session to mentally and physically prepare yourself for the work.

Sit and focus on your intentions for the session and connect to God/Source, your I AM presence and any other beings of 100% organic, pristine love and light on your “Spirit team.” 

This is a time to clear your mind and prepare yourself for the sacred healing journey you will embark on.

Eat lightly beforehand (no heavy meals) perhaps a couple of hours before the session.

Recommendations for Setting up your Space 


✩ Make your space as cozy as possible. Have enough pillows and blankets to support your body wherever you choose to lay down.

✩ Please turn off all tech devices and ringers or pings. Be sure to be in a quiet, private environment, just as you would with our coaching sessions, for the entire duration where you won’t be interrupted.

✩ Use an eye mask or pillow to block out any light so you can go deeper in your journey. Dim and shut off any lights and lower the blinds for this session.

✩ You can put on brown or pink noise, calming binaural beats, meditation or spa music on low in the background as that can also help you to relax.

✩ If you enjoy the use of aromatherapy feel free to diffuse, inhale or rub (with a carrier oil) your favorite, relaxing essential for a more calming experience.

✩ If you own a Healy I don’t recommend using it for the session on your body as it might be too much for your system. If you own a coil or have the resonance blue app on your Healy edition you can use frequencies on there that you are most guided to.

✩ If you have a MagHealy please place it in your environment/space away from your body.

✩ It’s OK if you don’t have all of these items, or you prefer not to use what I’ve recommended. Just do your best to create the most relaxing atmosphere for yourself.

What to Expect During the Session 

We’ll begin this session with your intentions, documenting how you currently feel and what you’d like to receive and experience from the work on the other side of the session.

Once the energy work begins both of our videos and audios will be turned off. I suggest using ZOOM on a laptop, phone or iPad/tablet for this session so you can take your device to a comfortable spot where you can lay down undisturbed for the entire healing session.

If you prefer you can choose to have your audio ON in case you need to communicate with me at any point during the session. My audio and video are turned OFF so you will not be disturbed or distracted by me. The energy work I facilitate is spoken aloud and I perform this work at my sacred altar with all of my spiritual and energetic tools. 

My intention is for you to be present with your body and to feel deeply relaxed so you can receive the frequencies while being in your sacred journey.

Depending on how much is stored in your energy field and body it can sometimes feel like you are having, “psychic surgery.” Please do not be alarmed by this. If the work does become too intense, please let me know and I can temporarily pause the work to support you.


After the Session is Complete


The energy healing will last between 90 minutes or up to two hours. Please be sure to set aside time after the session to integrate and relax.

Once I’ve completed the work, I will slowly bring you back from your journey and we’ll return to ZOOM. You are welcome to keep your screen off if you choose.

I will share any channeled or intuitive guidance or information that I have received with you. We’ll also do a quick check in to hear what the session brought up for you and how you’re feeling. And then we’ll discuss integration and wrap up our session.

Please drink plenty of water once the session is complete to flush out the toxins from the session.


I recommend NOT booking in other appointments or having social plans after this session because you don’t know how you will feel. If possible, clear your schedule before and afterward, so you have the space for integration, self-care and reflection.

You might feel a bit “off” after the energy clearing for the first 24-72 hours. This is normal. Typically this passes and you should feel lighter. If you don’t, email or Voxer me and I will support you.

You might feel emotional and take this as a positive sign that you’re still releasing from the session as well.

I would like to hear from you and how your integration is going. Please utilize email and/or Voxer to ask me for any support, updates, insights and questions you might have.

I do recommend being more mindful of the type of activities and things you choose to consume after the session for several days as your system integrates (for example, if possible, avoid watching violent movies or horror shows, the news, getting into conflict with others, doing things that you know can intentionally activate and trigger your nervous system etc).

Your body and energy system might be a bit more sensitive following the work. Do your best to not allow lower vibrational energies, entities and imprints back into your mind, body and field. I know that life happens and triggers can come up – but I am talking about what you CAN control vs. what you cannot.

If you feel depleted or tired, that is your body’s way of telling you to slow down and rest. Please listen to it. Your nervous system is processing what your body has released and it can take a lot of energy for your body to adjust to this.

You might need extra sleep to integrate the work on a cellular and subtle energetic level. This is a good sign as changes are happening. Please don’t resist or fight this!

Choose to surround yourself with positive people and experiences that uplift and keep your mind, body and field clear and pristine.

Some wonderful ways to integrate the work:


  • Go outside and put your feet onto the earth.
  • Go for a swim
  • Relax in an infrared sauna or spa
  • Cold plunge
  • Use your Healy device program (more details below).
  • Take salt baths or warm showers.
  • Cuddle with loved ones or with your pets.
  • Journal any insights or new ideas that come to you.
  • Get outdoors for a bike ride walk or for a hike.
  • Garden or spend time with your plants.
  • Participate in the things that bring you joy and aliveness!
  • Meditate, pray and listen to relaxing music.
  • Move your body through dance or practicing gentle yoga.
  • Read a good book.
  • Take a nap or two.

Healy Programs I Recommend you Run for Integration (if you have your own Healy)

You can use your Healy and choose between the following programs below to run on the microcurrent frequency Pink App (you may also use your Coil if you have one).

*Remember to only use 2-3 programs maximum per day and have at least an hour buffer between running multiple programs*

✬ Clean All or Pure Calm (Deep Cycle)
✬ Balance Nerves, Bed Rest or Fine Flow (Job/Sleep)
✬ Release (Gold)
✬ Coherence (Bioenergetic Support)
✬ Emotional Wellbeing (Mental Balance)
✬ Wellbeing Soul (Mental Balance)
✬ Serenity, Burden, Aura Pure, Emotions and/or Inner Balance (Soul Cycle)
✬ Impurities (Digital Nutrition Mixtures 3)
✬ Comfort (Digital Nutrition Mixtures 6)
✬ And feel free to use any other programs that you are intuitively guided towards!

You can use your Healy and choose between the following programs below to run on the Resonance Blue App (if you have the Healy edition that supports this):

✬ Bach Flower Remedies

✬ Australian Bush Flowers 

✬Alaskan Gem Elixirs

✬ Creative Homeopathy-Psyche

✬ Materia Medica

✬ Schuessler Salts

✬ And feel free to use any other programs that you are intuitively guided towards!

DO engage in self-care activities that help you feel inspired and nourished.

What you do before and after this session is important. It sets the trajectory on how the work will be integrated without having to experience a healing crisis.

If you own a Healy please go easy on using the frequencies especially in the first 24-48 hours after your session.

And finally-get ready for all of the wonderful new insights, flow, synchronicities, abundance, creativity and vitality that will come from this work!

Lastly, please email me the following information…

at least 24 hours BEFORE your session:

✳ Full Name (if you have a middle name please include it)

✳ Home Address (for your home clearing)

✳ Name of your pets/animal(s) (if you’d like them to receive a clearing)

✳ Business name if you have one

✳ List the emotions you are currently experiencing most often

✳ Fondness or Adoration for (list the names of people you are most connected to)

✳ Memories of (list the names of people or experiences that you are most focused on from your past that bring you down, keep you stuck or hold you back)

✳Hate, rage, dis-like and anger for (list the name of people you feel these emotions toward)

I look forward to supporting you soon!

Love & Blessings,