As You Become More Visible This Might Happen


As your voice gets stronger.
Your message gets louder.
Your frequency gets clearer.
Your presence becomes more visible.
You radiate more light.
And embody more of who you are.
You’ll become more polarizing and activating in the world.

You’ll have people who once sung your praises suddenly turn away from you and potentially turn on you because you might activate something inside of them that they’re not ready to look at or deal with.

As a result, there can be a backlash by those who’ve been triggered.
It’s easy for people to point fingers and blame you.
There will be attempts to devalue you and your work.
To make you question your integrity.
To cast doubt on who you are.
Your mission and path.
And what you’re here to do.

And you may find yourself at a pivotal point in your journey.
Questioning everything.
Even yourself.

This is where you must get down to the truth inside of yourself.
Feel into and reflect on what’s true and what’s not.
What resonates and what does not.

Do you listen to what they say?
Do you allow this to bring you down?
To silence your voice?
Dim your light?
And hold you back?

I know what this feels like first hand. I’ve experienced it in my mission several times.

It fucking stings and really sucks.
It is painful.
It feels devastating.
And heartbreaking.

Especially when you know that you’ve poured your heart and Soul into truly serving, supporting and guiding others with integrity and love.

But the reality is, this can happen as you shine more brightly and become more connected to who you are and your mission.

Suddenly the people who once felt supported by you and believed in you, don’t anymore.

They might even try to convince others to go against you.
And some even might.

Here’s how I’ve handled and worked through experiences like this.

For starters, I feel my emotions fully and work through any of my own wounding that got triggered.

If I’m triggered, wounded and emotional, I know I’ve got work to do within myself and it’s my responsibility to take care of that and own it.

I’ve learned how imperative it is to hold deep compassion for myself especially when there are parts of me that are tender or hurting.

I’ve also learned to not take on someone else’s pain or projections which is their responsibility to take care of.

But I also take full responsibility for my creation of that in my reality.

After all, it happened for me for a reason, right?

There’s an opportunity for my own personal growth here.

I then acknowledge what has happened and reflect upon those involved and their opinions. I think it’s essential to put yourself in the other person’s position and try to view it from their perspective.

Where might their words have validity? 
Where can I learn and grow?

It’s helped me to hold greater compassion and understanding for others and where they might be on their journey.

I always reach out and get supported by the people I trust and love, both personally and professionally.

When you’re feeling vulnerable it’s imperative to have a variety of people in your corner who have your back. And can offer no BS feedback on what I’m able to see and not able to see.

And I also spend ample time alone, going inward, praying, meditating, journaling asking for full clarity and understanding from my Spirit team.

I don’t spiritually bypass these situations and forgive anyone prematurely.

If I feel the need to speak up and say something I do. But sometimes it isn’t necessary. I always follow my higher guidance to know.

At some point after I’ve processed it all and have gotten what I needed from it, I release the energy and those involved with love and forgiveness.

Then I get realigned to my mission and my truth. I move forward with greater resilience and strength every time.

Because I’ve learned that the world can try to break you down.
There will be all kinds of opinions about you, your message and what you do.
Even when it’s rooted in love, healing and a genuine desire to help others.

Let people have their experience.

You can’t control them or their voices. Some people are hurting so much that they may even villianize you in an attempt to have their pain validated.

Whether what is said about you is true or not, you cannot let them define you and where you’re headed next.

Allow Spirit to deal with them, it’s not your duty to take it on.

Your only job is to be responsible for yourself, to remain in integrity with your highest self, to stay aligned to who you are and what you’re here to be.

And to keep showing up as a light leader for Spirit ushering in a new consciousness on this planet.

Clients, followers, colleagues, raving fans, friends and customers will come and go in your life and in your work.
You cannot expect to be loved, appreciated and accepted by everyone who comes on your path.
What matters most is how you FEEL and what you THINK about yourself.

Nobody can take away your truth. 
Nobody can take you off of your path unless you allow them.
Nobody can disempower you unless you give your power away to them.

This is where you must tap into your essence, the part of you that’s stronger than your mind. Stronger than all of your insecurities and fears combined.

This is where you must ask Spirit to guide you and give you the strength and courage to rise up and keep moving forward.

The world needs you now, stronger, bolder and more anchored into who you really are more than ever before.

Keep your chin up and believe in yourself even in the darkest and most difficult moments on your journey.


Work with me.

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