To become the next generation leader requires you to harness a deeper level of trust, strengthen your intuition and expand your emotional intelligence.

The full integration and alignment to your Soul, mind, emotions, body and energy field will help you to execute and impact the world more efficiently and effectively.

Let me help you!

The Light Leaders Collective

The Light Leaders Collective is a dynamic group experience for conscious and spiritual leaders and influencers.

This group experience is for those who desire greater accountability, increased momentum in their day to day life and the necessary upgrades and teachings required to help them execute and perform at a higher level in their mission and leadership.

For many busy leaders on the cutting edge, it becomes difficult to consistently stay in a high vibrational frequency that is most supportive to execute efficiently and effectively on a consistent basis, while having the ability and capacity to create and hold space for more.

The Light Leaders Collective works with each member to upgrade their consciousness, expand their awareness, increase their vibrational frequency, set precise intentions and attain new possibilities both personally and professionally in a high vibrational setting both virtually and in person.

The foundation of the Light Leaders Collective is built upon mutual respect, empowerment, sovereignty, expansion and upliftment.


This is NOT just another group coaching program.


Or a time consuming, heavy content filled virtual online course.


Nor is it a typical self-study program with various modules to work on or follow.


And it isn’t a traditional business-focused mastermind group where its members compete with each other and strictly discuss business growth strategies and making more money.

Who this is for…


You’ve already seen and experienced breakthrough in your business or career.


Are looking for cutting edge support and guidance to become fully aligned to your Divine Plan and mission.


Have already reached and sustained your ideal income goals for at least a year or longer


You’ve been on a path of deep personal and spiritual transformation on yourself and are ready to be in a circle of people who are on the same level as you.


You’re already actively thinking about how you can influence and impact more people than you’re already doing in the most authentic way possible.

The Light Leaders Collective is an intimate, powerful and co-collaborative group experience that provides high-level support, empowerment and expansion so that you can maintain a sustainable vibration and consciousness to support yourself and the work you are doing in the world, while being in a safe group setting to allow each member to connect to and drop in with like-minded individuals on a similar trajectory.

The Light Leaders Collective is a safe space where each member of the collective is acknowledged, understood, self-expressed and able to shine and be celebrated in their brilliance.

When two or more people are present to bear witness and hold space in this manner, magic happens and transformation is immediate.

The connection, love and support that is established within the collective acts as a powerful resource to assist each leader to be empowered to share their voice, gifts, innovations and messages powerfully in the world, while knowing that they are safely held, supported and celebrated by their fellow members of the collective.

“This program really helps you get into a state of flow and find crystal clarity.”
– Brooke Alexandra, CEO of Upleveled Man



Four months of high-level, customized group support with a maximum of eight Light Leaders.


90-minute ZOOM video sessions twice a month + audio/video recordings of each session.


The first call each month is a teaching module on leadership + quantum coaching/Q&A for each member.


The second call each month is a private group channeling + energetic transmission session with open Q&A with The Pleiadian Guides.

The Pleiadian Gudies will be working behind the scenes energetically with each member of the collective intensively over the three month period on and off the group calls, helping to further expand their consciousness and increase their vibratory frequency which will transform the world.


Access to a private Facebook group for questions, feedback and live video trainings with Vanessa.


Live, in-person two-and-half day leadership and channeling retreat in San Diego, CA with customized content, channeling sessions and integration work.


4 monthly payments of $1,750 USD or $6,000 USD paid in full

The next round of The Light Leaders Collective will begin again in Fall 2018. If you’re interested in registering for this group experience, please click the button below and you will be notified once enrollment begins.

Vanessa is magical. Working with her is nothing less than extraordinary. Words cannot express how working with her has changed my life and will no doubt change yours. From breakthroughs, blockages, upgrades, and everything in between, she is in a word: amazing! She fearlessly shares her awesomeness with everyone she meets in perfect measure for each soul. She is by far one of my greatest teachers, inspirations and healers. I am forever blessed and grateful to have the opportunity to connect with this most magnificent soul. ~Sabrina Kalemkarian, Yoga & Fitness Instructor

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